It all started as an idea while living outside of Chile. After finishing University, where i got a Bachelor degree on Economics and Bussines Administration, I decided to follow a sports dream, for which I settled in the USA for several years. The trip was transformed not only in the realization of that dream, but also in a much more transcendental journey. One thing was leading to another, living far away and traveling the world, I realized that Chile was much more than I thought and that it was a paradise, and a seed was sown in my head that some day I wanted to show my country to foreigners. Once, at the perfect moment, I read that to make sense of life one must first find what we like, then become an expert in it and in the last stage, share it, transmit it and teach it to others. That’s how I put everything I wanted and knew how to do in the game and the idea of ​​Point South was born. I wanted to create this company of experiences mixing sports, nature and culture, showing Chile and sharing it with others and thus returning and thanking in some way the experiences that I personally had.

Point South is much more than a business in itself. It is a lifestyle and with a very clear and simple objective. Transform a common day into a memorable one and that they treasure in their memories forever.