We make our difference based on this following pillars:


We look for the best combination for each particular client. We will take into account customer priorities and also more technical aspects. We will do our best to put you at the best place at the right time. We want your experience to be unforgettable.

Small groups:

To achieve this flexibility  we think it is necessary that groups should be kept small or private. This will help us deliver a 100% tailor made experience for each client. We believe on the adventure tourism bussiness smaller is better.

Our team and guides:

We look for guides which are very experienced but also that are passionate about the activity they do. We believe if the guide enjoy what he/she does than this enthusiasm is transmitted to the client.

Always more:

We always try to do more than just complete the activity. As our guides are local, they know the best recommendations and are ready to help with anything that arises or that the client should need to make theirs stay perfect.

These 4 pillars are guaranteed!