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Villarrica National Park

Trail running is a fantastic way to explore an area, especially if that area has a geography like Pucon, on the volcanoes and lakes district.

If you like trail running or you are a road runner and want to try the trail world you will love our mountain running tours.

We have designed a variety of tours and a selection of trails for all levels. This tours has been chosen and carefully designed to have all the necessary ingredients for a fun and memorable day. We will run through lava fields, native forests, rivers, lagoons, lakes and even some snow in early spring time.


If you want to explore by your own or with your friends on a little more affordable way, the self guided tours are perfect.

We will support you with transportation, maps, directions, radios and all the support you need to be safe out there.

Options from 10k to 21k and with altitud gain from 350 meters to 1200 meters.

For more support and less risk of getting lost choose a GUIDED tour.

It´s important to say that on a guided tour the pace is comfortable and leisure, we are not racing or doing a hard training, we will stop to take pictures, breath and to contemplate the place, but not long enough to cool down yourself.



  1. SUPPORT.  Vehicle support, maps, radios, gps and all the information you need to go as safe as posible.
  2. SAVE TIME. We have done the work, we have run all the places, so let us take you to the best place that suit you or your group. This way you will save a lot of precious time of your holidays.
  3. HIGHLIGHTS PLACES. We have designed programs where we will visit highlights places in the area. Volcanoes, native forests, rivers, lakes, wild life and different types of terrain will be present in our adventure.
  4. INFORMATION. Our driver or guide not only show you where to go, but they are happy to give you information, recommendations and help you in anything you need.



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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 6 reviews
November 28, 2017

Just finished a 10 day vacation in Pucon Chile with “point south adventure travel”. Trail running,climbing ,skiing down a volcano and flyfishing. I can truly say this was my best vacation ever. I highly recommend Gonzalo and his crew at Point South!

December 15, 2017

We had a wonderful late afternoon looped 9k run with Gonzalo on the slopes of Volcano Villaricca. Going up the hillside was hard work, but taken at a gentle pace, and we were rewarded with outstanding views from the Mirador del Crateres as well as a snack. The return down the hill over patches of snow, the odd small stream, through forests and along laval trails was much easier. Gonzalo was an excellent guide, happy to adjust to the speed of the slowest of us (me), and instructive about running technique, the volcano and local flora. We’d strongly recommend this activity.

March 25, 2018

Muy bueno! Buen circuito. Todo impecable

April 23, 2018

We ran the S. Momolluco – Lagos Andinos trail, it was about 22km. The route was beautiful and technically easy to run. In the beginning it went through a fairytale forest, incredibly fascinating. After the forest we looked at the volcano Lanin, very beautiful. About lava fields, past lagoons we went in a flowingen downhill back to the street. There waited Fernando with drinks and food on us. A successful day, thank you Gonzalo. Gonzalo always had the pace and the track under control. Absolutely recommended.

April 24, 2018

A second tour we made in the foothills of the volcano Villarica. This cool tour took us up an old lava stream to a lookout point. There we made a longer stop and admired the great view. Afterwards Gonzalo led us back to the starting point of the tour. Gonzalo, thank you very much for this nice tour. Pucón is definitely worth a trail running trip.

July 3, 2018

We did the trail running tour during our travels in Pucon in June, and we had an amazing day. The route is very beautiful!!! There is a lot to see after previous eruptions from the volcano – and we were running very close to the volcano itself. Gonzalo took us around and he was always aware of the speed and how we were feeling. Pucon is an wonderful town and mountain running is a great way to see the nature. I still smile when I think of that day. We would definitely do it again with Gonzalo. And the company is very professional!

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